Top 10: “Other” TMNT Figures.

If you played with action figures in the late eighties early nineties there’s no doubt you owned some Ninja Turtles. Sure, we all love the figures of Michaelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo and Donatello as well as their countless variations but what about all the other great villains and allies that made up the TMNT world. Today we’re gonna take a look at the top 10 “other” TMNT figures that made this toy line one of the greatest!

#10 - Foot Soldier 

All heroes need a horde of incompetent goons to massacre and that’s why the Foot solider is a necessity for any TMNT collection. Unlike their fragile cartoon counterparts these robot soldiers are much more menacing with weapons like the “shell biter”, mechanical flail and ever-trusty buck knife. This is also one of the few toys that’s playability actually increases if accidentally broken since the turtles usually smashed these guys to pieces.

#9 - Baxter Stockman

Due to a horrible accident in Dimension X Baxter stockman was transformed into a bug eyed half human, half fly monster. Baxter uses his massive intellect to battle the turtles in creative ways such as the invention of his deadly “mousers”.  Although Baxter wasn’t the Turtle’s most famous enemy, his detachable wings and extra bug arms made his action figure a must buy. In fact, I’d often play with just his detachable wings and arms as if they were another character entirely… I was a weird kid.

#8 - Wingnut

My next selection is Wingut, an alien cross between Batman and ManBat… I guess that would make him Batmanbat… or Manbatman… Anyhow, Wingnut entered the TNMT world when he teamed with the turtles to extract revenge against Krane for destroying his home planet Huanu.  Not only was he packaged with awesome extras like metallic wings, batgrenade, batgun, and utility belt but he also brought along his little mosquito buddy “Screwloose”. It’s almost like two figures for the price of one!

#7 - Super Shredder

After dowsing himself with toxic Ooze Shredder transformed into the mighty Super Shredder. Stronger than ever and covered from head to toe in bigger and badder blades, Super Shredder is the ultimate version of this villain. Sure, we all had the regular Shredder figure but most kids lost his blurple cape (or at least this kid did) and without that cape he just looks like a malnourished scoliosis patient. No offense to the malnourished with scoliosis but you guys make for some terrible toys. Super Shredder’s figure on the other hand was a more than formidable foe for the fighting foursome.

#6 - Mondo Gecko

Question, what’s rader than a teenage mutant turtle? Answer: a teenage mutant lizard. In 1990 “Playmates Toys” gave us just that with the Mondo Gecko figure. Mondo was basically just a slimmer lizard version of Michaelangelo but his over sized tail (aided by a single roller skate) and early 90’s attire (fingerless gloves and cutoff tee included) made him a memorable character none the less. The figure was also packaged with an awesome motorized (not actually) sewer skateboard an accessory worth the price of purchase alone.

#5 - Slash

Although his cartoon counterpart was an incompetent buffoon with an infatuation with a plastic palm tree affectionately called “Binky”, Slash’s action figure is one of my favorites. This version of slash was created when Shredder took elements from himself (his blades) and elements from the turtles (their… uh, turtleness) and combined them to create an anti-turtle killing machine. With his mangled teeth and scarred hide this version of Slash was probably too scary for the Saturday morning cartoon and it’s too bad because he could have been one of TNMT’s greatest villains.

#4 - Casey Jones

Even as small children we knew there was no chance any of us could become teenage mutant ninja turtles but growing up to be a masked vigilante like Casey Jones was a more attainable goal. If we couldn’t become our favorite heroes we could at least fight alongside them!  Unlike another famous vigilante Casey Jones didn’t come from money, (just look at his cut off hoodie and sweat pants) instead he must be resourceful and use whatever he has on hand (like sports equipment). Casey is one of the most popular non turtle characters from the series and his figure was a staple in every late 80’s kid’s collection.

#3 - Metalhead

I remember the first time I saw Metalhead gleaming inside his package at my local Walmart. My mom and I weren’t quite seeing eye to eye on the importance of a shiny robot turtle toy. Luckily after a lengthy tantrum she gave in teaching me a valuable life lesson that if you complain enough someone will buy you an action figure. Anyhow, Metalhead was invented by Krang to be (you guessed it) the ultimate destroyer of turtles. Unfortunately for Krang, Donatello easily reprogrammed Metalhead to fight for the forces of good…. Why didn’t he do that for each and every Foot solider? Two things that make this figure extra special (other than metallic paint) are his glowing red eyes and forearms you can interchange with “ radical robo chucks”.

#2 - Mutagen Man

Seymour Gutz was an average mailman until he fell into a vat of ooze transforming him into a living pile of organs known as Mutagen Man.  A constant flow of mutagen pumped directly into Mutagen Man’s containment suit is the only way he can survive. Unfortunately the only source of mutagen is from Shredder who gladly trades evil deeds for the lifesaving ooze.  Mutagen Man is an obscure character no doubt, but the ability to fill his action figure with water (and other floaty stomach content) makes it one of the most unique TMNT toys of all time. If you don’t thing so ask yourself this: how many other action figures can double as a sea monkey tank? I rest my case.

#1 - Muckman

Thanks to a mishap involving (you guessed it!) mutagenic ooze the mild mannered garbage man Garson Grunge was transformed into a half garbage, half human monster known as Muckman. His figure was crafted in excruciating detail from its festering maggots to its bulging veins making Muckman one of the best looking toys from the bunch.  Not only is his figure a work of art but it was also specially designed to work with actual ooze that can be poured directly into his back and skull. God only knows how much time I spent watching green goo slowly pour out of his mouth and gaping abdomen.  As if attention to detail and playability wasn’t enough Muckman was also packaged with his little buddy Joe Eyeball making this figure my number one pick for top 10 “other” TMNT figures!