The Genius “Leaping” Lanny Poffo Interview

   Whether he’s flinging frisbees into the crowd as “Leapin Lanny” or dishing out brutal brilliance as “The Genius”, Lanny Poffo (the son of wrestling legend Angelo Poffo and brother to “Macho Man” Randy Savage) has been a fan favorite among the wrestling community for decades. Today Lanny has been nice enough to answer a few questions for us here at!

BMi:Thank you for joining us today Mr.Poffo. Growing up as the son of a wrestling legend, did you always know you’d be a wrestler?

LP:I hoped I’d be a wrestler. I had a great advantage as a son of a wrestler. Most people break into wrestling by giving money to some ex-wrestler who gouges them for money. I got a family scholarship. THANKS DAD!

BMi:During your early years with the WWF as “Leaping” Lanny you were clearly a fan favorite but WWF seemed to only use you to push other talent, why do you think WWF did this when you were getting such a positive reaction from the fans?

LP:George Scott was the booker when I arrived in the WWE. He always treated me well. When he was replaced, I was demoted to the roll of TV jobber. The pay was good so I stayed. I’m glad I did! The only thing that counts is what the bank teller counts.

BMi:In your early days with the WWF you introduced the unlikely pairing of poetry with pro wrestling, how did that come about?

LP:I was a guest on TNT. I knew if I was boring, I’d never be invited back. I wrote a poem for the occasion. Vince liked it and made me the poet laureate of the WWE. I enjoyed the gimmick and appreciated the opportunity.

BMi:You turned heel when you made a poem poking fun at Hulk Hogan in favor of your brother just weeks before their legendary match at Wrestlemania V, why do you think WWF never revealed you two as brothers? It seems that would have been a great angle to work at that time.

LP:I was so happy to turn heel and get the new Genius persona that it never occurred to me  to complain. The only time I was ever in the ring with Randy was for his coronation!

BMi:Once you turned heel and became “The Genius” you adopted what I consider to be the greatest execution of the effeminate wrestling style,what was your inspiration behind your style at the time?

LP:Go on You Tube and look up Ricky Starr. He was the guy I was trying to copy.

BMi:You were one of the first (if not THE first) wrestler to release his own book (Leaping Lanny: Wrestling with Rhyme) how was the transition from wrestler to writer?

LP:I was writing long before I became a wrestler. The transition was from writer to wrestler, not vice versa!

BMi:You were one of the few wrestlers that managed to score a win over Hulk Hogan during the height of Hulkamania, what did that feel like?

LP:It felt fantastic!  I appreciated Hulk and Vince for making this happen.  I am also proud of my appearance on Regis.

BMi:You’ve been promoting the dangers of cigarette smoking for years even writing an anti-smoking book titled “Limericks from the Heart (and Lungs!)”, what caused you to take such a firm stance against smoking?

LP:It’s the #1 cause of preventable death. My daughter is 28. She doesn’t smoke. That makes 100% of my progeny SMOKE-FREE!

BMi:In the early 90’s you stepped into the role of “executive consultant” for Mr.Perfect Curt Hennig, care to share anything from this time in your career?

LP:Curt was terrific. I’m very sorry he died so soon.

BMi:A few years back you wrestled Jay Lethal, who donned the “Black Machismo” persona (an homage to Randy Savage) did your brother know about Jay’s gimmick? If so, what did he think of it?

LP:Randy loved the gimmick. He’s great!

BMi:You’ve wrestled some of the toughest guys in the business during your career including Andre the giant, Terry Funk and Harley Race just to name a few, who would you consider to be your toughest opponent?

LP:I wrestled Devon Nicholson in New Brunswick. That was my toughest opponent!

BMi: We usually end our interviews by asking for a five word description of our site, but since I’m interviewing a professional poet could you possibly give us a  poem about

The Genius knows that BLANKMANinc

Is everything he needs

For everything that’s awesome

On the cutting edge that bleeds!

-“Leaping” Lanny Poffo

 BMi: Thank’s Mr.Poffo, it has been an honor.

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