Sugar Virus II: Wolf’s Breath

It’s common to see a band take the easy route and release more of the same when they’ve been pumping out music for over 20 years but with Sugar Virus’ latest release Sugar Virus II: Wolf’s Breath this is absolutely not the case.

The group has been known to describe their sound as “horror epic punk/metal” but Wolf’s Breath contains thirteen tracks that seem to defy all genre with its diversity. Tracks like Kali seem to dance between doom metal and speed punk as if NOFX and Pentagram had a baby. I could probably spend an entire day trying to define the genre that this record fits neatly into and which bands it sounds the most like but the point I want to really drive

sugar-virus-wolfs-breathas stated in the record’s liner notes, lead singer Jason Virus thinks that this particular group of fellas has put out the best album he’s ever been a part of and I tend to agree. Each musician’s touch comes across loud and clear on every track from Johnny Davis’ thundering bass to Evan Jones’ always-impressive drumming. Lead guitarist Spencer Lewis is easily the most diverse element to this record’s sound taking the dark grungy tones of doom and sprinkling in bright moments of 80’s inspired guitar work. Of course, this wouldn’t be a Sugar Virus record without lead singer Jason Virus so I’ll take a moment to mention that his vocal range on this album is quite impressive. As I stated before, he could have taken the easy road and did Glenn Danzig melodic impersonations the entire record but he honestly makes Wolf’s Breath his own.

The album’s lyrics revolve around your standard horror fare: robot monsters, crimsons ghosts and bitches in black. This is not exactly groundbreaking source material but it works just as well now as it ever has for the band so why mess with that now?

In short, Sugar Virus II: Wolf’s Breath is a fun album with great diversity and the effort put into this record is quite evident.  I would recommend any fan of horror punk like The Misfits or fans of metal in general to pick this album up.  Wolf’s Breath will be available on June 06!