State of the Website: 2015

presidentHello, fans of that Google Analytics insists we have. I’m sure you may have noticed that things around the site have been MUCH too quiet for the last couple of months with only a handful of updates. So, what’s the deal? Are we just being lazy or have we moved on to other things? Well, good ol’ Lucky Hawk is here to clear some things up about the current state of the site and where we’re headed in the near future.

The truth is we’ve been working behind the scenes on a couple of projects that will shake things up a bit at the site and hopefully move us into a new direction. I don’t want to go into great detail about these projects, only because they’re not quite ready yet, but I will say that we’re opening up a type of store and a new video series that will (hopefully) take into a more video prominent website. Now, we’ll still have articles, reviews, top 10 lists and of course celebrity interviews but we’re really going to try and make a dent in the online video market this year and we’re going to need YOUR help doing so (more on that when the time comes).

As of now I hope to have these projects up and running sometime in January (or maybe even early February) but in the meantime, please take a look at our expansive back catalog of unique content and stay tuned to our twitter and Facebook page for updates!