Lady Death: Chaos Rules

Lady Death CoverI remember seeing the Lady Death comics back in the mid-‘90s in my local store, and being drawn in by the artwork; not just for its sexual quality, but the idea of an interesting world outside of the ones Marvel, DC, and Image comics boast; those everyone already knew. I did not actually pick up one of the comics though until a friend explained to me how the book tied into other characters like Evil Ernie, sparking my interest in the stories of this goddess. I did not keep up with the character and was a bit sad to see that this ruler of Hell has remained dormant over a decade—until now.

Creator Brian Pulido is bringing a new exclusive Lady Death story to Kickstarter, reviving the character under the Coffin Comics banner. Lady Death: Chaos Rules will go live on Kickstarter February 4th. This will be Pulido’s first independently published original book in over a decade, joined by Eisner award-winner and co-writer Brian Augustyn. The 48 page spectacular also features interior penciling by Dheeraj Verma (Transformers) and color art by Sabine Rich (Ancient Dreams). The team is excited about the new project, judging by their press release, and promises more art and interviews to come, as well as some enticing Kickstarter rewards.

“This is a wild quest chock full of twists, turns and surprises. It is a vision of Hell never seen before in a Lady Death comic and it is ground zero for all the new Lady Death stories to come from my fevered mind – and with Kickstarter, there is no one between you and me!”-Brian Pulido

Lady Death: Chaos Rules is supposed to be a perfect jumping on point, with the titular character herself waking up from a long spell-induced sleep, and a burning desire for revenge against whomever it was that put her out of commission for so long. The hunt has begun and it promises to be chock full of blood, sex, and violence, like none seen since the character’s premiere. The press release I mentioned earlier praised the comic’s success.

Lady Death Color Page 1“Lady Death was created by Brian Pulido and debuted in Evil Ernie #1 in 1991. The first Lady Death solo series debuted in 1992. Since then, Lady Death has appeared in over 100 comics in eight languages, selling over 20 million copies worldwide.”

Looking at all of this actually has me wanting to find some of the older issues. If the actual book is anything like the sample art this may be a must buy for me, and I will be keeping an eye on the kickstarter campaign for sure. No matter what happens with the goals though, Coffin Comics is now the permanent home for Lady Death, and Pulido and crew are ready to impress readers.


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