Jake “The Snake” Roberts Interview

   During his decades long career, pro wrestling legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts pioneered the art of psychological warfare in the squared circle. From his slithering into the ring and his use of monstrous pythons Jake used fear as a weapon and was a jake the snake main pictureshining example of what a wrestling promo should be. Oh, and he also invented a little move called the DDT, maybe you’ve heard of it. Recently Jake’s garnered mass media attention from his comeback attempt with former WCW Champion and Yoga Guru Diamond Dallas Page. After years of battling his demons Jake’s clean, he’s sober and he’s back for blood with rumors of a full blown WWE return at the royal rumble! We are elated to have Jake with us today to clear up some of these rumors and maybe start a couple more!

BLANKMANinc: At what point did you decide that you were going to be a wrestler?

Jake “The Snake” Roberts: When my father pissed me off. Ya know, he was a wrestler and I never wanted to be a wrestler but he just never could tell me he was proud of me for finishing high school and wanting to go to college so my youthful brain accompanied with alcohol and ignorance decided that the only way to get my father to love me was to get out there and beat up on a wrestler and it was a big fuckin mistake.

BMi: You’re called Jake the Snake for a reason and the snake has become one of the most iconic props in history. Where did that idea come from?

JR: Kenny Stabler, who played for the Oakland Raiders, I used to think the snake was cool and I also figured out that Jake rhymes with snake. How bout that shit?

BMi: It’s genius!

JR: Yeah, I’m quick.

jake roberts cobra macho manBMi: Now, one of the scariest moments in wrestling (for me) was when your cobra bit Macho Man on the arm… what was going through your head when it didn’t release?

JR: When it didn’t let go?

BMi: Yeah.

JR: I got wood, big time.

BMi: (laughing) okay! Well, there’s been a lot of talk about your signature move the DDT. Did you actually invent it or was it indeed an accident?

JR: No, it was an accident and that’s how I invented it. I perfected it and it’s still the best hold in wrestling today bar none.

BMi: I agree.

JR: Well thank you!

BMi: You probably get asked this all the time and I’m sorry to harp on this….

JR: My favorite moment?

BMi: Yes.

JR: Fuck, I’ve had too many! I mean, Steamboat, Ronny Garvin, Andre the Giant, Rick Rude, Bad News Brow, Earthquake… they were all great fucking moments man.

BMi: Do you keep up with current WWE product?

JR: Only if I’ve been bad, but let me tell you this right now….I just started a campaign on indiegogo. You know what it is?

BMi: Oh yeah.

JR: I am gonna try to use an indiegogo to buy TNA.

BMi: That sounds awesome! What do you think about TNA going up for sale?jake the snake buy tna

JR: God, it needs to. I mean, I watched for 10, 12, 15 years, however long it’s been out there and they suck. I guarantee you if I get the opportunity, in a matter of six months I’ll be pissing Vince McMahon off. My numbers will beat his, I guarantee you that.

BMi: You are one of the few guys that have wrestled in just about every organization under the sun, from WWF, TNA, WCW, ECW, all of them. From a workers stand point, which was your favorite to work for?

JR: Georgia Championship Wrestling.

BMi: Excellent.

JR: You know why?

BMi: Why?

JR: Because I was the fucking boss!