What the Heel is Going On?!

JBL: Okay, this isn’t really even a critique of JBL (even though I think he’s a crap announcer) it’s more of a critique on the fact that WWE no longer knows how to maintain a heel announcer. What JBL said about The Ascension made them look TERRIBLE! What he said was what every fan was thinking when he was supposed to say something to piss wwe announce teamthe fans off even farther. Something like “these guys are WAY better than The Road Warriors” would have helped build heat, instead he said the opposite. He is the heel announcer and it’s the heel announcer’s job to back up their irrational actions and opinions and build them up as true bad guys. Similarly, WWE did the same thing with Michael Cole years ago by having him point out actual, legitimate flaws and weaknesses of the wrestlers instead of cartoonishly false accusations like Jerry “the King” Lawler used to do so excellently and guess what? It actually made the good guys look like crap. Speaking of Jerry Lawler, (and I love you Jerry, so please forgive me) what is this guy’s role on the show? He used to be the heel announcer and he was one of the BEST but now I’m not sure what he’s doing there. He’s not a master of the play by play and he doesn’t really build up the talent with his commentary, so what is the deal? In fact…..

Most of the mid card heels on the roster: What is their deal?More specifically, are they even heels? Adam Rose, Bo Dallas, Bray Wyatt, Cesaro and Tyson Kidd are all cesaro and tysonconsidered heels (I think, maybe) because of their subtle actions and personas but have they really done anything that bad? With the exception of Bray Wyatt all of these guys have been swimming on a morally ambiguous gray area for their entire run with the company and it’s made their characters a bit boring for my taste. As I said above, being morally ambiguous isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you can make up for it with intimidation or some other character trait but just being kind of a jerk doesn’t cut it. Don’t misunderstand, I think these guys are great workers but this is pro wrestling we’re talking about, crank up these character’s personalities to the max and make them interesting! Make me hate them or make me love them but please, pick a side and run with it!

Seth Rollins: Since Brock Lesnar went on leave Seth Rollins has been tasked with holding the top heel spot but the problem lies in the fact that he’s the 2014 Money in the Bank winner. The Money in the Bank contract is basically only a prop for a heel to hold over the seth rollinschampions’ head as a reminder that it can be cashed in at a moment’s notice. Unfortunately, the prop has become a confusing burden since the current champion only appears on television once every four months. Had WWE Creative let a good guy win the MIB contract they could have used that opportunity to build more heat on Lesnar for not being around thus not giving the MIB winner a chance to cash it in. Instead, WWE just doesn’t mention it at all and they have Rollins feud with John Cena instead….just….cuz. I like Rollins, he’s great in the ring and good on the mic but pairing him with The Authority stable kind of makes me feel like the character is being held back from becoming something better than what it already is. For example, when Rollins was in The Shield he had the space to do some creative things with his character but since he’s been paired with The Authority he’s become just another generic stooge with all the focus being pointed at the McMahons. Which brings me to…

The Authority: I’ve saved the best for last because The Authority angle combines all of the above complaints into one neat package for me to loathe. Where to begin? Let’s start with how outdated and irrelevant the whole “evil boss” gimmick is. This gimmick was once hugely successful with both Eric Bischoff in WCW and Vince McMahon in WWE but in the modern age of social media it does not work for a couple of reasons. For one, Triple H, Stephanie and Vince McMahon are gallivanting around the press, social media and even WWE programming with smiles on their faces as goodhearted people doing great charity work with such organizations as Make A Wish and Susan G. Komen but at the same time HHH_and_Stephanieare evil, malicious villains that beat the crap out of innocent people week after week on WWE TV. I know the era of kayfabe is over but this really sends a mixed message to the viewers and yanks them in and out of disbelief at the drop of a hat.

Second off, the angle just doesn’t make sense anymore. Every wrestling fan on the planet knows that John Cena makes more money for WWE than anybody else so why would The Authority want to screw with that? Or better yet, we all know they own the company so couldn’t they just fire John Cena and be done with it? I know, I know, wrestling isn’t real but the suspension of disbelief is just being trampled on and it wouldn’t be if they’d just write up some more believable storylines.

Lastly, just like the god-awful “heel” announcers of today, some of what the Authority says ends up hurting the characters they’re up against. Whenever I hear Triple H say that Daniel Bryan is too small to be champion or that CM Punk isn’t as good as John Cena I can’t help but feel that what he’s saying is pretty much how management actually feels. Back in 2013 when the Stephanie McMahon character was holding Daniel Bryan back from the WWE Championship the company was literally holding him back and it genuinely made me hate the company not the character. WWE creative needs to take the focus off of the boss’ daughter and her semi-retired husband and back onto the up and coming wrestlers! Just give me a big bad heel wrestler and put him up against a good guy. It’s just that simple.