Bermuda Schwartz Interview

Rick Derringer with Weird Al Yankovic bandBMi: Rock n’ roll legend Rick Derringer produced the first six Weird Al records you performed on, what was it like working with Rick?

BS: “Rick’s a legend, and brought a genuine cool factor and added legitimacy to Al as an artist. Rick played most of the guitars on the first album from 1983, and it’s still a treat to tell people we worked together. He was a good producer, and he got the joke as well as understood the importance of doing the music right, both of which have been crucial to Al’s success.”

BMi: The band is notorious for putting out hilarious music videos to accompany the hilarious parodies, you in particular as a Grand Poobah in the “Bedrock Anthem” video stands out to me now, do you have any memories you’d like to share from any memorable video shoot?

BS: Bermuda Schwartz in Smells Like Nirvana“They’ve all been great fun, but Smells Like Nirvana stands out because my neck ached for weeks after banging my head so much when we filmed!”

BMi: You have such a wide fan base from five year olds to fifty five year olds ( I myself have been a fan since I was a wee tot) what do you think it is about your music that draws such a wide variety of people to it?

BS: “Well, we do a wide variety of music! We’re always kinda current with new material, and also keep older hits in the show. After 13 albums during the last 29 years, there’s truly something for everyone. But beyond the music, it’s just a great show, and that’s the real appeal for the different generations.”

BMi: Speaking of music videos, the music world has changed drastically since the early days of the band, music videos on television have just about gone the way of the buffalo, and music as a physical entity is headed that way too. How have you guys managed to cope with these many changes over the years?

Weird Al Yankovic Internet LeaksBS: “As physical product becomes less popular, we’ve cozied up to iTunes, Amazon, etc. And YouTube is the place for videos and other promotional clips, so we’re all over that, too. Basically, however the fans watch and listen, we’ll be there for them.”

BMi: We ask this goofy question at the end of every interview we do. Can you describe our website in five words?

BS: “I could… but I shan’t!”

BMi: Thanks again for not only taking the time to answer a few questions for us here but thanks for making awesome music for so long, as I said earlier I’ve been a fan since I was a near toddler and it has been an honor to speak with you.

BS: “It’s my pleasure, and thank you for hanging in there with us all these years!”

Thanks again to Jon Schwartz for taking the time to speak with us. You can keep up with Bermuda and all of his happenings at!