Andrew W.K. Interview

There’s no doubt that rocker Andrew W.K. is the ultimate king of partying but there’s so much more to the man (and his party hard philosophy) than meets the eye. Aside from his impressive achievements in music (performing, writing and producing) Andrew’s also an accomplished motivational speaker! Today we are honored to have Andrew W.K. with us to Andrew WK Headshotanswer a few questions about partying, politics and gangster rap.

BLANKKAMinc: Little is known about the young Andrew W.K., what was he like?

Andrew W.K.: Pretty much the same as he is in the older version. I’ve been very fortunate to not have to abandon my childhood, in the traditional sense, so, I never really had to grow up and got to purse my interests pretty much straight through. The things that I was excited about as a young person are the things I am doing now. I think the only change is when you become what they call an adult you have more resources and abilities and tools to make those dreams come true. So, pretty much I’m just an older version of the same person.

BMi: Why party?

AWK: Oh, because it’s fun.

BMi: Simple question, simple answer.

AWK: There ya go.

BMi: How does one become the king of party?

AWK: By partying a lot, really pushing yourself past your own limits. I’m a big believer in identifying one’s limits, exploring them and then pushing beyond them because just like with anything, in terms of growth, sometimes you have to go beyond what you’re capable of in order to develop new capabilities. That is the same with partying or life in general. I’ve just made it my mission to try to have as much fun as I could to get cheered up. I wanted to get cheered up, you know what I mean?

BMi: Definitely. Obviously, you’ve mastered partying hard but how do you unwind at the end of the day?

AWK: I don’t really unwind, I guess. I stay all wound up the whole time. Of course, there’s time when the body needs rest, the mind and the spirit and your soul have to absorb the Close calls brick walls album coverexperience that you went through so I guess you just sort of have those “open” moments. I find those open moments, things like… actually, like we’re doing right now, kind of reflecting and talking about stuff, thinking about your life, thinking about other people’s lives, those are moments where I don’t want to say you’re unwinding but you’re absorbing. When we’re traveling all around on these tours and stuff, sometimes with the flights just have those moments in the airports where we’re sitting and just waiting for a flight, you just sort of sit and you just think about stuff. You think about how good it is to be able to think about anything at all. I like that kind of contrast from real intense moments and then real, sort of open, quiet moments.

BMi: It’s all about balance, huh?

AWK: Right.

BMi: At some point in time an urban legend arose that you were replaced by yourself and that you were no longer you. So, are you you or are you someone else now?

AWK: That’s a great question first of all, but going back to what we talked about in the first question, I’m just the same person, just a different version of him I guess. In a way it’s very flattering that someone would think about what I’ve done enough to come up with a theory like that but I can assure you as I’ve said time and time again it’s just not true. I’ve not been Andrew I get wet album coverreplaced. It’s the same Andrew W.K. that’s existed since the beginning.

BMi: Some people have said that your imagery perpetuates violence, what do you have to these people?

AWK: I would say “let’s have some fun”. No one’s actually really accused me to my face of trying to perpetuate violence but I think that, like with all things, it’s a mixture of all kinds of stuff. There’s feelings that you have that could be angry or violent feelings or thoughts and feelings that are loving and affectionate feelings and they all count. There should be a place where all those things are allowed and I think that place is what I call partying. It’s not what I’d call a pretty thing but it is what it is. I would like to wrestle with all aspects of being alive ya know? Including that.